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Granites are of very good quality materials for overlaying.

Granite can support different ways of surface finishing, so any other type of granite might be adjusted to any need of any possible space. That characteristic along with the great resistance on the external conditions (either mechanical or chemical, it gives considerable advantage in comparison to other materials.

granit pula

With the larger choice of materials, we opened new possibilities in projecting and designing any types of interior or exterior space.

The granites are of very good quality and with the natural materials for covering and overlaying that support different ways of superficial processing, so any kind of granite might be adjusted for the needs of any possible space. That characteristic, in the relation to great resistance on the external weather influences (mechanical and chemical), it gives the additional advantage, compared to the other materials.

Having broad choice of possibilities, the team has specialized for representing endless range of projecting and supplying of spaces with solely natural stone granites.

The name SIL-KAM is a shortcut that comes from Croatian language for the „silicate stone“, what is actually scientific term for the quartzed stone or natural granite. It is a compact structure of different silicon crystal, naturally compressed into one integral part. There are many different sorts of silicon crystals. The colour and the natural design of certain sort of granite is determined by the crystals that is granite made from.


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